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CLP Services: Religious Law

CLP represents both individuals and communities in the various types of religious life. We know that occasionally persons in religious communities desire a change of their status and need canonical assistance to do so. Also, occasionally a religious has a conflict with the pastor or diocesan bishop with whom they work, or in whose diocese they reside. Finally, we know the personal, vocational, and community damage that conflict within religious communities can cause. At CLP, we help our Religious clients navigate through these difficulties while respecting the rights, duties and obligations of all.

Those in religious life sometimes face conflicts involving their rights or duties. For example, departure from a religious community is often a choice that people make, or, in some cases, involuntarily have made for them. Other Religious desire to transfer from one type of religious community to another, or desire to move from religious life to another type of religious vocation such as being a hermit or a consecrated virgin. Finally, there are diocesan priests who desire assistance in becoming members of a religious community, or Religious priests who wish to leave their communities and affiliate with a local diocese.  In any of these cases, canonical representation for the religious community, for the individual, and occasionally for a diocese helps ensure that all parties are dealt with properly and fairly. Canon Law Professionals has advocates that have worked with both religious communities and members and we have experience working with indults of exclaustration, departure, and even canonical dismissal.

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