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CLP Services: Presentations and Workshops

Canon Law Professionals offers workshops and presentations in many areas of Canon Law. Our expertise in the development of coursework also enables us to assist dioceses, religious communities, and other organizations with their specific requirements for continuing education and orientation.

Our presentations are usually about one hour in length and consists of a lecture with adequate time for questions. The audience may be of a size that does not permit much direct involvement with the speaker. However, as much participation as possible is always planned.  Handouts are provided to assist the audience with the points covered.

A workshop is designed for smaller groups and provides more interaction between the speaker and the audience. The time frame will be a minimum of two hours and could extend over a few days. Hands-on activities and participation of the audience is expected.

The following topics are a sample of what may be presented in either format. Other topics are available or can be developed to meet the specific needs of an organization. We also offer more extended courses which can be developed to meet the needs of a particular diocese or organization.

Presentations and Workshops:

1. Communication in the Marriage Tribunal process: The parties perspective

The Code of Canon Law requires the notification and involvement of the parties in the process of examining the validity or invalidity of a marriage. However, too often, one or both parties are ignored or poorly informed about their rights and obligations throughout the trial. This presentation will discuss the canonical and pastoral implications of communicating with both the petitioner and respondent in the process. Benefits for all parties will be discussed.

2. Conducting interviews
Most canonists and case instructors are not trained in interviewing parties to obtain juridically pertinent information. This presentation will discuss interviewing techniques to assist in gathering appropriate information for the grounds under investigation while avoiding traps and unnecessary information.

3. Cooperation and collaboration from the laity's perspective
The number of professional lay persons committing to a life in the church is growing. This presentation will discuss the various challenges and tension which a lay person often faces while working under the provisions of Canon 129.2 and other canons which provide for offices in the Church.

4. Challenging situations in the parish
Various "challenging" situations often affect the parish community and the Tribunal. This presentation will discuss dealing with difficult people and difficult situations surrounding the cases of those examining the validity or invalidity of their marriages. Obligations and rights of the parties and the pastoral ministers will be examined.

5. Using mediation strategies for solving canonical disputes
This presentation focuses on the obligations set forth by various canons to solve disputes by means other than a trial; most specifically by mediation. The Code of Canon Law will be examined in order to discuss the need for solving disputes by means other than a trial. Strategies used during mediation will be shared as will examples of pastoral practice that can be helped by these strategies.

Our Fees for Presentations/Workshops
Presentations and/or workshops will be charged at the usual fees or are negotiated with clients with special circumstances. 

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