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CLP Services:
CLP has experience in a wide range of specialties related to the law and legal practice of the Catholic Church.  We offer services for individuals, parishes, dioceses and other Catholic institutions. To learn more about our services, click on the links below.
Marriage Annulments
Consultation and representation for individuals seeking annulments
Canonical Services for Dioceses 
Drafting sentences and other briefs
Mediation & Arbitration
Services for individuals, institutions, and dioceses
Misconduct Cases
Representation for individuals and dioceses
 Religious Law
Canonical representation for individual religious and communities 
Canonical Consultation and Representation
General questions and representation
Catholic Institutions
Issues and obligations

Working with parishes and individuals

Workshops and Presentations
Continuing canonical education for dioceses and other institutions
Causes of Saints
Preparing inquiries for beatification and canonization 

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