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CLP Services: Parishes

For many of us, our parish is like our family. However, even within a family we sometimes experience conflict. In a parish there are times when those employed by the parish have conflicts with pastors or administrators. There are issues over which parishes find themselves divided. In a time where parishes are being closed, merged, or relocated, there are often concerns by parishioners over the methods by which these restructurings are accomplished and making sure that the rights and obligations of all the interested parties are respected. Canon Law Professionals has trained mediators that can help parishes and parishioners in making peace where there has previously been conflict. In addition, our canonists are able to advise clients regarding whether administrative recourse is an appropriate course of action, or whether there may be other avenues by which their issues could be resolved.

There are many people who give generously to their parishes or to the diocese. One’s will is a common means by which people bequeath funds or property to the Church. Most of the time, these gifts are freely given and freely accepted, and they become a benefit to both the person giving and the Church receiving the gift. Ordinarily, a civil attorney is the appropriate professional to prepare such a will. However, there are times when the person wishing to give a gift may want their gift used for a specific item (e.g., a new building) that the Church cannot use at the time. An advocate can help the parties find common ground that allows the gift to be used with the intent of the donor, but gives the Church the freedom to exercise appropriate discretion if it becomes necessary.

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