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Conflict may be painful, but it is natural ... even for the Church.

Jesus told us: “As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.” (John 13:34) While, surely all of us try to follow this command, human nature frequently leads us to failure. We want to be peacemakers, but we get annoyed and upset with one another. We have disagreements and, even in the Church, we have conflict.

Conflict allows us the opportunity for growth and development if we deal with it in an open and accepting manner. Some people tend to shy away from conflict to avoid dealing with problems. Others tend to attack or blame the offending party. When this happens, more pain is inflicted on the injured party and on ourselves, and we do not allow the opportunity for growth or reconciliation within the community.

Most of the time we are able to overcome conflicts with others by hard work, collaboration and remembering Our Lord’s words. Nonetheless, there are times when all of our hard work and prayer do not bring the resolution and conciliation we seek. The assistance of others may be necessary as we are told in Matthew 18:15-17.

How does mediation work?

Mediation is a process of voluntary, cooperative dispute resolution where a trained professional assists parties in reaching a mutually agreed-upon solution for their conflict. With the aid of the mediator, parties focus on the problem at hand, and not on the individual. Mediation allows for conflict to be resolved while honoring the dignity of the persons involved. The burden and the reward of the resolution of the conflict resides within the parties themselves; not the mediator.
  • Mediation provides the opportunity to work together with our brothers and sisters in a respectful, conciliatory manner which allows the entire community to benefit.
  • Mediation allows more creativity in solving a dispute rather than relying on the oftentimes arbitrary outcome of civil litigation.
  • Mediation allows people to move toward community and gives the opportunity for a long-lasting solution to conflicts.
  • Mediation helps focus on the underlying issues in a dispute, not just on the conflicting positions. It helps people to move past bad feelings and reach a mutually agreed on solution.
Why Canon Law Professionals?

Canon Law Professionals offers trained mediators for resolving many types of disputes that arise within the Church. While there are many good intentioned, well-trained mediators available in most communities, Canon Law Professionals offers the additional facet of mediators who have worked with and for the Catholic Church. We bring a respectful, canonical perspective and an understanding of the unique concerns and conflict issues within the Catholic Church.
  • We bring a Catholic perspective and understanding to bear upon the process in order to assist in healing wounds caused by conflict.
  • Canon Law Professionals offers neutral facilitators and consultants to help groups, such as parish councils, deal with difficult issues.
  • We assist congregations that have become divided or polarized, and we provide workshops and seminars to help communities deal more effectively with future conflicts.
  • We facilitate meetings and gatherings so that the objectives of the conveners are completed in the most efficient manner possible.
  • We help in planning and goal setting.
Who could benefit from mediation?
  • Individuals – Unfortunately, differences between individuals can grow and embroil an entire community. Mediation helps individuals resolve their disputes. Conflict resolution allows individuals to make their own decisions and make peace with their neighbors before the conflict grows.
  • Parishes or religious communities – Differences among groups of people can tend to grow into unmanageable situations as individual concerns move the group. Mediation helps groups focus on the issues at hand and helps them come to an agreed upon solution. Employment issues within parishes, divided or contentious parish councils, problems between pastors and parishioners, can all be remedied through mediation.
  • Employees and management of parochial schools, Catholic colleges and universities, and Catholic health care facilities.
  • Those considering legal action against the Church.
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