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CLP Services: General Consultation and Advocacy

On occasion, a problem or question arises within the Church that does not easily fit into a particular category. Maybe you have a question regarding an aspect of canon law that you need answered. Maybe you have a Church problem about which you want to consult a professional. Maybe you believe that you have a right that is being violated or you are being harmed in some way by someone associated with the Church, and you want to know if you have any recourse available to you.

We at Canon Law Professionals know that sometimes it is hard to find someone who can provide those types of answers.    That is why Canon Law Professionals offers consultation and opinions on virtually any issue regarding canon law. While some questions may be able to be answered in a phone call, most opinions will be provided in writing though e-mail, fax, or mail. Some of the more complicated questions may require multiple correspondences to provide an accurate assessment of the case to which the law is to be applied.

For particular questions, please write to Dr. Ritty.

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