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CLP Services: Representation for Misconduct Cases

Accusations of misconduct of any kind by someone entrusted with an office in the Church is a traumatic event for the accused, the alleged victim, and for the parish, diocese, or religious congregation involved. Clergy or religious may find themselves accused of various types of misconduct in their functioning. Some persons may have been harmed in some way by the misconduct of a representative of the Church. Canon Law Professionals is able to assist those who have been accused of misconduct, as well as those victims who might desire a canonical remedy for harm they have experienced, and ensure that our clients are treated fairly and appropriately by the Church authority to whom they are subject.

A canonical advocate can assist a victim of wrongdoing to bring forward an allegation to the appropriate Church authority and to insure that the Church authority takes proper and timely action. Likewise, a canonical advocate can assist a person accused of wrongdoing or misconduct to go through the canonical processes which they are facing and to exercise fully their right of defense. However, Canon Law Professionals DOES NOT offer civil legal advice and DOES NOT interfere in any way with the civil or criminal proceedings that might be associated with misconduct.

Canon law allows a person to freely appoint an advocate that is qualified and approved to represent the client in a canonical procedure, hearing, or trial. This person must be properly skilled in the field of canon law and should have a degree in canon law. The advocate assists the client, but also is committed to seek the truth in the matter.

Having a canonical advocate is not always necessary, but for both sides of a misconduct case having a canonical advocate is often useful. Many people find the use of canonical counsel important as they try to understand canon law and the particular action that is swirling around them. Whenever one’s rights are threatened in any way within the Church, one is prudent to engage a competent canonical advocate as soon as possible. Our canonists assist our clients to navigate the various procedures, time periods, and canonical requirements so that their rights are protected and justice is served.

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