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Our Mission:

Canon Law Professionals is a group of experienced lay, religious, and clergy canon lawyers of varied educational and practical backgrounds collaborating to satisfy the many canonical needs of today’s Church and providing a full range of professional canonical services to dioceses, religious communities, individuals, and institutions in the Catholic Church, always keeping in mind that
“the salvation of souls is always the supreme law in the Church.”

Canon Law Professionals was established in July of 2000 to offer independent canonical services to all members of the Catholic Church. Prior to this time, canonical assistance usually had been offered only by canon lawyers who were directly affiliated with dioceses or religious communities. This made it very difficult, particularly for lay people, to find an independent canonist.  While all of our canonists have many years of experience working directly for dioceses all over the country, and while we continue to collaborate with specific dioceses and eparchies, we are not affiliated with any particular diocese.

Canon Law Professionals serves all members of the Catholic Church and all organizations associated with the Catholic Church. We strive to provide a depth of expertise which some dioceses, religious communities, and religious institutions may not readily possess. We are capable of supplementing the ongoing needs of dioceses and religious communities when concerns call for unbiased assistance, or for the temporary assistance of an extra canonist. We aid dioceses and parishes with planning and conflict resolution. We work with all individuals who have concerns, need assistance, look for information, or seek recourse in Catholic Church law.

Our canonists strive to uphold the high standards of the Canon Law Society of America Code of Professional Responsibility. We endeavor to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality, and to act collegially with fellow canonists as described in the CLSA Statement Concerning Professional Courtesies.

Our areas of practice fall in three categories. First, we assist both individuals and dioceses in processing their marriage cases. Second, we are available for consultation on a range of canonical issues. Third, we are able to represent various individuals and groups within the Church when they are in need of canonical representation.

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